Centers of expertise

Agile Campus

At Extia our ambition is to train 90% of our employees. For this, our Agile coach regularly organizes training sessions in Agile, Product Ownership, Scrum Master or SAFE. The agile online campus is open to all Extians and allows to discover or strengthen your knowledge about the foundations of agility.

Innovation Pole

The innovation pole at Extia is a bit like our mad scientist community! But more seriously, it is a group of Software and Robotics experts who work for our clients, as part of sponsorship and R & D projects.


The DataLab gathers researchers in Datascience who aggregates around them experts and enthusiasts. They work together on R & D projects but also on customer projects or in collaboration with the corporate patronage department.

Engineering Office Telecom

Transversal on our various locations, the Telecoms Research Department is working on fiber optic implementation projects.

Project Management Department

The projects department is involved in all of Extia’s structured projects, from pre-sales to delivery.


Expert Communities

The Communities of experts at Extia are groups of Extians who share the same expertise, know-how or interest and who come together to build skills.

Meet-ups in 2019

Communities of Experts


How ?

Comet’ by Extia organize regularly some conferences, talks, REX and workshops on many themes where Extians and other people can meet and create links.

An online sharing area to prolong the exchanges, share your technology watch and keep in touch: